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Battery Charger 6V / 12V 4A incl. Battery Tester Maintenance Charger IP65 for Car Boat Quad Motorcycle Scooter Insulated Clips automatic intelligent battery charger suitable for motor vehicle, boat, quad, motorbike, scooter incl. battery tester and trickle charge suitable for all common battery types lead, gel and AGM (up to 120Ah) best performance through 12-bit microprocessor with different charging characteristics, breathe new life into any weak battery IP 65 waterproof protected by waterproof and dust-proof plastic housing insulated clips also ideally suited for long-term battery storage fully automatic, spark-free easy handling

Battery charger, voltage: 6 u. 12V 0,8 / 3,8A

Mains connection: 230V / 50Hz

Protection class: IP65, LCD display, Insulated