Brake parts grease

Brake parts grease


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B-Quiet is the new Brembo lubricant available in the range of Aftermarket products.

It has to be applied on the contact surfaces between the pad and the brake caliper (on the bracket if it's a floating caliper). B-QUIET helps the braking system to work properly avoiding any noise from arising and assures an enhanced part protection from corrosion

Easy to spread
Thanks to its consistency which is not very pasty, it spreads evenly on the backing plate without breaking up, maintaining its lubricating properties for a long time.

No metallic soaps and fatty acids
Its mineral composition, which is oil-based, has no metallic soaps and no fatty acids that make it non-conductive.
Wash resistant
Brembo B-QUIET is also extremely resistant to washing and to high temperatures, because it is insoluble.
Protects against corrosion
Its non-corrosive properties also make it compatible with all metals.